The ideal tv unit to highlight your living room. Equipped with 4 drawers and an open space that can be used to put the internet router, the DVD player or the console.

The attached image shows our lowboard 4 drawers in cherry wood, with inclusion of white lacquered metal.
Lowboard 4 Tiroirs Version Merisier Inclusion Metal
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Dimension Lowboard 4 Tiroirs e1607941549480


200 cm


52,2 cm


55 cm


60 - 75 kg

Essence Bois Chene


Rhis one of a kind wood essence brings traditional charm to the creations. Thanks to its special shade, their knots, their heart slits and the wood checks it will give an original character and authenticity to your interior design.

Essence Bois Merisier


This wood has a brown reddish-colour, sometimes light, sometimes amber. The quality of its fibres, thin and regular make this wood exceptional to work with and to contemplate. Used to be very popular back in the days, we enjoy bringing this essence back to our contemporary designs.
Essence Bois Noyer e1608051575761


The dress of this essence is a beauty for the eye, its shade is of a wild yellow, with brown veins, sometimes darker approaching the black. This wood contains characteristic clear sapwood. The walnut tree wood works well hands in hands with high-end carpentry both by the quality of its essence and its chic and warm appearance. Those qualities make the walnut wood easy to associate to a wide range of interiors.

Logo Inclusion Metal

Metal Inclusion

A metal strapping can run through the whole piece of furniture. This subtle detail accentuates the lines in the wood and allows you to have a personalised and unique design. Available in 3 different colours (oakwood/black, cheerywood/white, and walnut wood/brass.
Logo LED

Led Backlight

A led strip “Hue”, in collaboration with Philips Lights, allows to give a more unique dimension to your interior design. Thanks to the mobile app, you can control the whole of your interior in one click.

(available in June 2021)
Logo Modulaer


This furniture is entirely dismantlable to facilitate the work. This option allows our team to build and manipulate the furniture easier when the access to your home is more difficult. This option is required in some cases (see FAQ section).
Logo Sur Mesure

Customized metal colour

You are dreaming of a metal strapping that matches perfectly the colour of your interior design? Send us your colour code (pantone, html, CSS, etc…) and we will design it for you.

Customize your Lowboard


  • Chene

    OAK + 0,00 €

  • Merisier

    CHERRYWOOD + 600,00 €

  • Merisier

    WALNUT + 1.500,00 €


  • Aucune Inclusion

    NONE + 0,00 €

  • Metal Blanc

    WHITE + 700,00 €

  • Metal Noir

    BLACK + 700,00 €

  • Laiton

    BRASS + 700,00 €

Total Price

2.000,00 €

Base Price 2.000,00 € + WOOD FINISHING 0 €



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