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Eivør & Andersson is a Belgian brand of high-end furniture created in 2020 and signed by the designer Mathias Sonet and the “studio Eivor”.

Forever seduced by the purity of the Scandinavian design, the designer finds his inspiration in the nature and the imagination of the Northern countries.

By providing furniture with pure shapes and lines, light and contemporary, Eivor & Andersson offers to his clients to inject a bit of environmental vibes and Scandinavian positive energies into the different designs.


Eivør & Andersson are making furniture in a way to highlight the beauty of the different types of wood used. We take a lot of pride in using raw materials and high-end components in order to guarantee products of high quality.


The entirety of our furniture collection is made and assembled by us in our workshop.

The process of fabrication is primarily based on traditional methods of carpentry, weaving, lining, etc. While part of our products is made mechanically, the way the furniture is put together and the quality control are all handmade.

In order to guarantee the optimal quality, we are collaborating with different people who are specialised in the making or the supplying of raw materials either from Belgium or Europe. By investing in our products, you are also contributing to the living of a variety of precious professions.


From the old Norwegian “skógr”, the term “skógur” means “wood” in Icelandic.

Before our first line of furniture, we introduce our work according to three different types of furniture with contemporary and sober lines which are relatively high-end.