The furniture brand “Eivor & Andersson” created by the designer Mathias Sonet and “studio Eivor” takes its inspiration from the shapes found in nature and the essence of their elements and materials.

The constant search of pure and timeless lines brought the designer to make furnitures with strong identity and contemporary design. Despite that, he is comfortable to associate those furnitures to any kind of interior design.


The methods of fabrication are studied in order to give importance to the details of the curves and the angles. The design and the quality of the materials used for the creations (or furnitures) will not leave you indifferent.

We take a lot of pride in using raw materials and high-end components in order to guarantee products of high quality.


The entirety of our furniture collection is made and assembled by us in our workshop.

The process of fabrication is primarily based on traditional methods of carpentry, weaving, lining, etc. While part of our products is made mechanically, the way the furniture is put together and the quality control are all handmade.

In order to guarantee the optimal quality, we are collaborating with different people who are specialized in the making or the supplying of raw materials either from Belgium or Europe. By investing in our products, you are also contributing to the living of a variety of precious professions.


From the old Norwegian “skógr”, the term “skógur” means “wood” in Icelandic.

Before our first line of furniture, we introduce our work according to three different types of furniture with contemporary and sober lines which are relatively high-end.

Lowboard 4 Drawers

Logo Lowboard 4 Tiroirs Shadow
The ideal tv unit to highlight your living room. Equipped with 4 drawers and an open space that can be used to put the internet router, the DVD player or the console.


Logo Buffet Shadows

A remarkable piece of furniture for your dining or living room. It will not be left unnoticed. With its two doors and three drawers, it offers plenty of space to store your best dinner service.

Lowboard 6 Drawers

Logo Lowboard 6 Tiroirs Shadows
The perfect piece of furniture for the living room or the lobby. Equipped with 6 drawers, it offers plenty of closed storage space. This piece gives pride thanks to its elegant design.

Any further questions?

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Each piece being almost entirely handmade, manufacturing can take 4 to 5 business-weeks depending on the piece of furniture.
(1) This timeframe could take longer in case the order does not belong to the “Skógur” range or in case of larger orders.
Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email or a message confirming that the order is ready to be shipped. Depending on your location and the requested type of delivery, it can take 3 business-days in Belgium and Luxemburg. For the deliveries in the rest of Europe, the delivery can take 7 to 9 business-days. In some circumstances, the delivery may take longer, you will be kept in touch if this may happen.
(1) Covid-19: Due to the current pandemic situation, the delivery timeframe can be a little longer. We are following up closely the evolution of the Coronavirus. The health and safety of our clients and our staff members are a priority for us. We are temporarily taking extra precautions to avoid direct contact as much as possible. No handshakes are involved. During the delivery or the collection of products, we are requesting that you keep a minimal distance of 1,5 m with the staff members. We are applying the same hygiene measures with our associates: therefore, we ask that you wear your mask during the delivery as well as during the assembling of the piece of furniture. Although we cannot enforce you to wear the mask, we give the freedom to our team to deliver or not the piece of furniture in case you decide not to wear one. In case you are coming down with symptoms such as a cold, cough, sore throat or a headache, the client and/or the employee is allowed to postpone the delivery or the collection of goods. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
The pieces of furniture for the “Skógur” range are currently available in 3 wood essence: the oakwood (rustic*), the cherrywood, the American walnut wood. Other wood essence will soon further complete our range. If you wish to have any other wood essence, you can contact us, and we will happily get back to you.
*Rustic: oakwood including veins, knots, etc..
Mathias Sonet, a 28-year young Belgian designer, graduated with a master in industrial design at “l’École Supérieure des Arts de Saint-Luc” in Liège. After travelling and taking some time figuring out his professional path, he has decided to start his own studio project and the furniture brand.
The workshop is open to the public and we will happily welcome you here.
*(1) Covid-19: due to the current pandemic, the workshop visits are temporarily suspended. Thank you for your understanding.


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